Dental Implant

An implant is a spiral and artificial dental root replacing the missing tooth. For a complete tooth
replacement, there are three parts needed: a dental implant (a titanium-based screw), an abutment and
a crown. Abutment links the dental implant with the crown. After the implant is healed and bonded
strongly with the bone, a crown is made. Thanks to our in-house lab, we can create completely naturallooking crowns.

Stages of the Dental implant Treatment at our clinic :

(1) Scheduling
Ideally, you send us an xray picture, and our dentists examine your case. After we
agree on the treatment, we schedule your appointments and send you the details of
your treatment plan.
(2) Treatment
Before we start your treatment, we will do one more consultation and physically
examine your teeth. Local anesthesia is sufficient for a dental implant procedure.
Under hygienic conditions, we begin with preparing the vents for the dental implants
by using a specific dental bur. We fit the implants carefully in these vents and seal
the upper sides with stitches. After the operation, you can prevent swellings by
cooling your cheeks with ice at an interval of 5 minutes. Please be aware that
smoking defers wound healing! After the surgery, you should take the prescribed
antibiotics, eat smaller meals at frequent intervals, and drink lots of water. If needed,
we will make temporary dentures for you.
(3) Healing
The stitches are removed after one week. Typically, 3 days of stay is sufficient for an
implant operation. You can either stay here for the stitches or may go back home
and have the local dentist take the stitches out. To prevent the creation of bacteria,
we recommend you to be careful with your oral hygiene and use mouthwashes.
(4) Recovery
After 2 to 6 months, you will visit our dental clinic in Turkey again. We prepare the
implants for the crown fitting and take the necessary measurements. Then our lab
technician and dentist work closely together to make your crown look like your
natural tooth.

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