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    Information about dental implants

    Dental implants are the first alternative to natural teeth and the ideal solution to compensate for the loss of a natural tooth or broken teeth, as you can replace them with cosmetic dental implants with a natural appearance.

    Duration and stages of dental implants

    1. The implant is implanted in one session
    2. Then wait from 3 to 6 months, depending on each case, for the bone to fuse with the implant
    3. Then the abutment is installed between the implant and the tooth, and an impression of the abutments is taken so that the teeth are attached to them
    4. Then the final tooth is installed
    Dental implants are the most durable solution
    An implant can live for many years, but it requires the same care as natural teeth.
    Including using a brush and periodic visits to the dentist
    When you follow the instructions carefully, dental implants can last a lifetime.

    Benefits of dental implants

    There are many benefits, the most important of which is:
    Improving the general appearance: The teeth that are installed on dental implants look like natural teeth.
    Improving speech: This is compared to removable dentures that can slip out of place and make speaking difficult.
    Feeling comfortable: Because dental implants look like they are part of the human body and are therefore more comfortable than removable dentures.
    Ease of eating: Dental implants work like natural teeth, and enable a person to eat the food he likes with confidence and without feeling pain.
    Ease of maintaining oral and dental hygiene: as adjacent teeth are not affected by the presence of implants, as is the case with some types of bridges that need support for adjacent teeth.
    Longevity: Dental implants may last a lifetime if care is taken to maintain them.

    Dental veneers

    It is a very fine shell
    Which is placed in the front of the teeth, and this procedure does not require anesthesia.
    If the doctor needs it, it is performed using local anesthesia only.
    Lenses are considered veneer
    An ideal solution to improve the appearance of the front teeth,
    It also hides changes in tooth color.
    Improving the appearance of the smile.

    Why are zirconium crowns preferred?

    Zirconia-based crowns provide great color compatibility with natural teeth thanks to their light-passing property, so high cosmetic results can be obtained.
    The teeth will not appear as if they are artificial teeth because there is no metal in their composition, as in metal-based crowns.
    Highly accepted by the gums compared to traditional crowns containing metal
    The damage to the gums resulting from the use of metal-based crowns will never appear when using zirconium crowns.
    It is a healthy material and does not cause odor, taste in the mouth, or any gum problems.
    It is used on both front and back teeth safely and reliably.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    It is a common medical procedure that aims to achieve a bright smile and pearly white teeth because of crowns or porcelain veneers.

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    The difference between veneers and luminaires depending on the size of the contact lens and the size of the thickness to be restored and removed from the old tooth, in order to fit the lenses after their installation.

    They are artificial tooth roots prepared from special materials to replace the missing teeth in the mouth

     Dental implants take only 5 days to be completely done.

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    • Swiss dental implants
    • Turkish dental implants
    • Korean dental implants

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